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John Cleese can probably be considered a creative person.  Like me, you probably wish you were as creative as him.

I recently had a chance to watch his video on creativity as recommended by Merlin Mann on this week’s Back to Work.  You should Watch it too

The whole talk and break down is great.  But here’s what struck me.

Give yourself time.  Creativity doesn’t happen on a schedule.  Or easily when squeezed into a few moments between meetings. What Cleese described on giving yourself a chunk of time and breaking through the anxiety that would come from feeling that you had more important things you should  be doing made me think of some other work that I produce Podcasts on.  Mindfulness.

With Mindfulness, there are thoughts, but not always, on meditation.  Taking time to work in your own mind and find a center.  This idea seems similar.  You need time to let your brain, or your unconscious mind, and let that open up.

IQ Doesn’t Matter.  An early portion of this talk was about how it doesn’t matter how smart you are.  I find that relieving, at least. Creativity comes from a different part of your brain.  I’d wager it’s a right/left brain difference. So if you don’t feel like the brightest bulb among your colleagues, you may not have to be.  Just more determined and more applied.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.  What struck you from John Cleese’s talk?

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