Creating Opportunity (With Your Podcast, Network, Or That Thing You Do)

Some guys from a Wrestling Podcast talking with some guy named Chris Brogan in 2007

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Some guys from a Wrestling Podcast talking with some guy named Chris Brogan in 2007It’s the credo that got me so far.  When I started a Podcast about professional wrestling with a friend in early 2006, we didn’t have many dreams of grandiose expansion.  We didn’t think it would be a business venture in the coming years.  We did it because it was and authentic and fun thing to do that people would hopefully, and did, discover and come along for the ride with us.

But then we started talking to the professionals.  Wrestlers in the area we would meet at the shows. Which became a chance for many of us to find a new venture in the business.  Some of us trained to become pro wrestlers.  Some of use became announcers and the marketing wing of up and coming wrestling promotions in Texas.  I had the chance to get up close and personal as a ring side videographer.

But it also helped me gain the confidence and experience to try some other new things. To become recommended by my peers over the years for new projects and grow new clients and skills outside of my day job.

These all grew and become more and bigger opportunities.  Eventually affording regular productions and more clients and Podcasts.

Opportunities don’t just happen sitting on your couch surfing job openings on (I tried that.) It happens from getting out there, connecting, and showing off what you can do.  And if you’re doing your day job, and going home to play video games and little else.  Well that’s it then, isn’t it.  You’re in a box.

So how are you going to reach out today?

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