Yep, it’s the latest buzz from JJ Abrams. Yep, it’s the next Blair Witch. Yep, it got me.

Basically, since I first saw that low key, less is more trailer months ago that told you nothing but this movie was going to be interesting. Then maybe a second trailer with more mysteries posed. They gave y0u just enough to make you question what you were seeing. At first glimpse, it was a Godzilla meets Blair Witch. Then some key shots in the next trailer made people wonder. Is it aliens? Is it a government fuck up thing?

While this movie wasn’t about answering those questions, its really about taking for the ride. And what a fucking ride. I got the following about a half hour before I sat down for the movie:

David Redd DocRemedy Cloverfield is by far one of the most intense movies i have ever seen!!

That was the precursor to this thing. Its like Abrams went back and looked at Alien and pumped up the scale form a small starship to the massive city of New York (Manhattan, but still). You see just enough of the thing. And in the long run, know exactly as much as the characters do at any given time. Up until you finally see the thing and are still asking just what the fuck.

Before I saw this movie, I was reading snippets from Google’s reviews page. One comment “this movie will split audiences” put a picture in my head of the scene I would see. And I was about on key. There were plenty of comments to the screen of “what the fuck” or making fun of the characters’ emotion. And the “shoddy” camera work. But then the movie ended. Abruptly, of course. “I want my 9 bucks back” was uttered several times. I was actually amazed the high school mooks behind me appreciated it though. And then there was a group of, lets say “internet geeks” from the looks, sitting, waiting for the credits to end just in case. Quite a few, actually. I was just glad to not be alone in that venture. So yeah, that review was dead on. I expect, if some of the people I know have seen it, it will be the same thing. I can’t wait to talk about this one.

So here you have it. Blair Witch’s concept with a Hollywood budget…

It’s funny that I enjoyed a movie filmed the way I hate my videographers to do their jobs so much.

The night also brought with it the reintroduction of Dance Dance Revolution. Oh how I’ve missed this game. My pads have been in storage ever since I moved into my house almost 2 years ago. Just couldn’t figure a safe area to use them. And I think some buttons were dieing. So there it was, full arcade setup. And several DDRs mixed on this. Even the PS2 ones we were so familiar with. So played a round with my bro, the Silent Ninja. Then this dude comes over and just wanted someone to play with him. Said it was his first time. Dude was rocking Exotic Revenge on par with us, and that song killed us when we first got those things. Asked if he did music. Only explaination. Or he was the pool shark version to DDR. (was waiting for a bet). Then I mentioned how his foot placement was good. To which he confessed he tried a friend’s one time at home.

That started the trend. See, as I told my brother, these kids see our large 6’4/5′ frames, weighing probably twice as much as them, and their little emo asses think its smooth for them to give it a try. That machine got much love that night thanks to us. (that’s like a porno line there)

The icing was when we were waiting on the credits to roll through, a group of people were leaving our row and we stood to let them out. The girl leading hits us both with “you guys were pretty good at that DDR” Sorg’s floored. Just left field for me.

Or itz juzt my mad skiillz (“z’s” are soo leet)

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