CelebritiesCallYou.com is not your friend…

Mick Foley Took a Barbed Wire Bat to my Soul....
Mick Foley Took a Barbed Wire Bat to my Soul....

As many of you already know, back on WMS 185, I had a run in with TNACallsYou, and hence, CelebritiesCallYou.com, and, well, everything can be explained in this letter I just sent to several relevant email addresses over at TNA Wrestling….

Update: After sending the following letter to TNA’s info and lisencee emails I found on their site (and no further contact with CelebritiesCallYou.com) I received a notice this evening that my refund is now processing.  Squeaky wheel, dude…  Props to TNA for the quick response and listening to a concerned fan.

To whom it may concern,
I have recently had a dealing with an organization working with your name and thought it would behoove you to see how they were treating your brand. In September, I received an email from your newsletter for www.tnacallsyou.com. I read the email the day before my friend’s birthday on September 15, and thought it would be a great opportunity to give him a surprise for his day, and have something to check out to talk about on the next edition of my podcast, the Wrestling Mayhem Show. So I logged on, found myself on CelebritiesCallYou.com, and setup a call with your Mick Foley selections and set it for 8 AM the next day. Nothing. I checked with him several times, thinking maybe I entered the wrong time.

Irate with the fact that I had been carged 3.99 for relatively nothing, I sent two letters to CelebritiesCallYou.com via their contact form. One email as follows:

Sent to CelebritiesCallYou.com on 5/18 at 6:27
“This is the second communication I’ve sent. I used your service on Monday, September 14 for a call to be placed on the 15th, and it was never received, nor my order confirmed. I would like a refund for my charge. Please contact me to clear this up. I used the information included (Michael Sorg; mikesorg@gmail.com) when signing up for the call. Thank you.

I have yet to receive a response, and still hold a charge for the call that did not connect. Being that this company is using you’re wrestlers and brand to market to us, your audience, on your behalf, this appears to be an obvious abuse of your audience. I feel that you need to know what your licensees are doing in your company’s name. I have been very vocal on blogs and podcasts to hundreds of listeners and readers on the scam that is CelebritiesCallYou.com, and not to get involved with it’s TNA related content.

Michael Sorg

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