Celebrating My Nephew

Yes, it’s my nephew’s birthday this Monday as well.  Two days apart I get reminded of the two bundles of joy that changed my life.

I still fondly remember when Austin was baptized back home and he turned as if to say hi to the whole congregation.  That was the first glimmer of the positive light this kid had.  I don’t know how much was natural or how much was from his parents take no shit attitudes.  (Trust me, I’ve been on the brunt of my sister’s version of that ‘tude on more occasions than I can count)  Austin always had an enthusiasm to be involved.  When we were playing around doing our backyard wrestling a few years back, he wanted to be involved with the big boys, as usual, and was a real pro as a referee.  To see him grow to be a sports guy has been tremendous.

“Something in the water” seems to be the case as this kid grows more hair and has grown like a thick tree trunk.  To the point that he could have been easily sold beer at age 13.  Now he’s turned the dangerous age of 16, and is probably less dangerous than most 30 year olds on the road today.  He’s been ripping up cars in the back field for years, even taking me on a hell of a joy ride last year.

So here’s to my nephew, who I’m proud of and can’t wait to see how far he can go in wrestling where he’s had a tremendous start so far.

Oh, and he dances!



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