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LB and The Sorg Morning Afternoon Power Hour 12

LB and The Sorg Morning Afternoon Power Hour 12

iTunes_TBSWillMikeThis week Will talks about his vacation and Sorg discusses his experience at the Gathering of the Juggalos.

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The Power Hour is a casual conversation with long time Podcast friends Will Rutherford (Panel Riot,Wrestling Mayhem Show) and Michael Sorg (Sorgatron Media) as they discuss what’s good in the world.


July 27, 20150 commentsRead More
Good Morning: Insane Clown Posse Pittsburgh

Good Morning: Insane Clown Posse Pittsburgh

IMG_7985Last night, I attended my first Insane Clown Posse in Pittsburgh since 2010. I returned last night to the Shockfest show at Club Xtasy in the Strip. I talk about the experience, getting Faygo soaked, running into old friends, and the magical story of a hat.

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 Juggalos coming out of the show at Club Xtasy (cued to my exit.  I’m sporting the Lootcrate Joker/Loki shirt.)
Faygo Armageddon (the last song of the night, ALL the remaining Faygo gets used!)

Ringing out clothes after the show

October 30, 20140 commentsRead More
This Week in SorgCasts: Animals, Artificial Intelligence, and Video Games

This Week in SorgCasts: Animals, Artificial Intelligence, and Video Games

AwesomeCast 38: Now with more Watson
Another great show where we welcome our robot overlords. It was great to catch a little bit of the historic Watson Jeopardy right before the show. It’s also been great to have our new run down system that Chachi is keeping alive that AJ brought in in my absence the week before.

Wrestling Mayhem Show 257: Leave No Rock Behind

A nice, tight show with the core group after the long winded TNA hat-a-thon that was the week before without me. We really locked down a flow this night, giving me a decent time on the post-production (and some much needed sleep I usually don’t get on Tuesday nights).

While I still want to work Chachi into starting the AwesomeCast edit during WMS, leaving some of the final touch ups and WMS audio posting to an earlier rise Wednesday morning worked out really well.

Another issue has been my recent decrease in my Verizon FIOS package. My main goal was to lower some cost. Cancelling the land line, dropping to the standard package so I can still see my Penguins and Monday RAW. Unfortunate side effect? The bundle drops me from a healthy 25/15 upload/download flow to 15/5. And that 5 is more substantial than I expected. Uploaded the video versions of the show are now a set it. Forget it. Make a sandwich. Make dinner. And done! Ouch. We may be justifying a re-upgrade in the near future…

Chachi Says 22: Please Don’t Kill Us

It’s clear that the G2 isn’t holding up with some motion.  Lessons learned.  Either way, it seems that his previous series about robot domination was a tremendous precursor to the Watson hoopla that carries over from AwesomeCast

Music Funtime Show 33

No subtitles!  This was a weird week for me.  I picked a random Austrailian pop song, and one song solely for the Walker Texas Ranger sample.  And somehow, that fits my tastes to a T.

Chachi Plays for Kids

It doesn’t end!  Not only did Chachi have the completely dynamite idea to do a time lapse of the ENTIRE 24 hours of play, which shrunk to only 13 minutes at the limit of what Final Cut Pro would do for a Speed Change, but an email came in from City Councilman Bruce Kraus inviting Chachi down for a proclaimation honoring his efforts.

And your mom said video games wouldn’t accomplish anything.

AND that’s not all! While I don’t have the usual tired podcasting aftermath video from last Tuesday night, I do give you…a cat in a box…ready for shipping…

February 22, 20110 commentsRead More
Funtime Review: X-Pistols “Shoot to Kill”

Funtime Review: X-Pistols “Shoot to Kill”

Posted recently for my Music Funtime Show site.

I was passed a copy of the new X-Pistols album, thinking, “oh great.  Yet another rap/rock mashup album”  After listening for a bit, I realized “That’s right1  I love rap/rock mashup albums!”

The way Suburban Noize crunches out these alternative albums and main group albums at such an incredible pace, I’ve been consistently amazed at the consistency in quality.  X-Pistols has that fast paced feel that makes me feel like no time has passed before the album’s done.  (It does clock in at 52 minutes with 18 tracks, though).  For Kottonmouth Kings fans, it really feels that if you stripped all of the hip hop influence out of their albums, you’d have X-Pistols.

I wasn’t very aware of the punk legends D.I. when they were signed to Suburban Noize last year, but if this is the sort of mash up craziness we’re going to get from new signees, I’m happy to have them.  It makes me wonder what more we could see in the future with mashup groups including groups like hed pe, who I’ve been a fan of for ages.

January 20, 20110 commentsRead More
Funtime Review: hed pe “Truth Rising”

Funtime Review: hed pe “Truth Rising”

A review I wrote for Music Funtime Show’s web site.

I enter this review as a long time fan of hed pe.  I recall the thrill of seeing them live on the Jaegermeister tour (alongside the rather disappointing-live Saliva).  I was broken in on Broke, which was responsible for a lot of mainstream explosion for the group.

This album marks half of the band’s album career on the independent Suburban Noize Records.  I’ve talked from the start about the difference in style from this newfound freedom since they made that move from the major label situation for their first four albums.  Truth Rising feels like a perfection of the styles expanded on in the three previous independent albums.  My first feel of this album was how listenable and solid it was the whole way through.  Partly harkening back to the days of Broke that I still spin to this day.  On the bonus CD included with my copy, Skull & Bones, Jered actually discusses about how they didn’t limit their song styles and let the intros happen.  Some may not like the expanded intros, like my colleague on Music Funtime, but I enjoy the narrative that hed pe is attempting to put out there.  This bonus CD adds to that even more to clarify the message that Jered’s put out there for four albums now, on the internet, and in interviews.

Some of that throwback sound tat surprised me was Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust on the track “Stand Up”.  The elements of punk rock and hip hop are present, almost as if by sections on the album, and not quite as jarring as in past releases to go from track to track.

Altogether, one of the best, solid releases from hed pe since their earlier major label days.  This band is further proving the Suburban Noize move was a good one for their longevity.

You can find more on this album in our first “head to head” review between Chachi and myself on Music Funtime Show 25.

November 15, 20100 commentsRead More
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