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One of the early tenements of Podcamp Pittsburgh that I was 100% on board with was the idea to capture it and share it.  This lead to me grabbing a video camera, shooting my own sessions, and doing what I could to capture more of the event I was really into over the years.  Now, of course, I work more directly in the event to capture all of the sessions for sharing, of course.

This is something has become MUCH easier since we started over 10 years ago.

This week, I conducted the Intro to Audio Podcasting session for Podcamp Bootcamp.  We usually only have a handful of people, and a small room that we couldn’t really expand in anyways, but it made so much sense to prop up my phone in the back of the room, and give Facebook Live a try. It’s no live stream that we do for Podcamp, or other tech events with some high end hardware, but it captures the event. But I was surprised by the response.  Over 50 views that have watched at lease a part of the video, and one comment from someone watching it along with their class. This gives some great content to Podcamp Pittsburgh’s page, which many have even commented how dead things have been in the recent years, and helped more people experience this.

That’s what makes me excited about the Periscopes, Facebook Lives and Google Hangouts.  These are simpler ways to capture video, moments, and talks that were inaccessible previously. Many times just with your phone.  (which is a super computer in your pocket anymore). Talk to more than those who were able to be there in person.  Spread knowledge. And maybe you’ll find more opportunity as well!

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