Buccos Tweetup

This Saturday, I had the pleasure to attend the first Bucco Tweetup organized by Jennie Roth, TweetUp extroidanaire. Now I’ve never attended a tailgate party before. Hell, I was amazed to find tailgating at the recent No Doubt show at the Pavilion.

But the spread was amazing. There were plenty of people, and the beer was flowing. Uncle Crappy showed us the ins and outs of tailgating expertise.

We finally ventured to the game to find the Bucs already into the 7th Inning (after an hour and a half?) and up 3-2 and handily beating the Royals. But we all settled in and enjoyed the rest of the game and the fireworks finale of the night.

This is just the beginning for the summer TweetUps. Checkout the Pittsburgh TweetUp page for what else is happening around here!

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