Big Things for the Mayhem

Was doing a write up for the interviews coming up on the Wrestling Mayhem Show. big stuff coming up:

The Wrestling Mayhem Show is entering into some exciting territory the next few weeks. We are just coming off of an amazing show where we interviewed former WWE star, Daivari, and IWC’s Chuck Roberts, but the new faces continue.

First, this week, on the February 5 edition of the Wrestling Mayhem Show, we are scheduled to be joined by Elizebeth, PA’s own CJ Sensation in the studio. This guy’s been on and off referee duty in IWC, having feuds with the likes of Sebastian Dark and Dean Radford, recently siding with Dennis Gregory’s War Machine faction, and more recently with Ricky Reyes, who he faces February 16 at IWC’s Accept No Limitations. We finally get CJ to let us know “Who’s the Boss”

On the February 12 Edition of the Mayhem, we welcome the dastardly duo of one half of the Hollywood Balds, “Deeelicious” Jimmy Demarco, and half of the award winning, multiple tag team champion Gambino Brothers, Marshall “The Bull” Gambino as they both join us in WPAJ Studio for the show. Last time this pair was on the show, it was raunchy and crazy, including Jimmy taking on the CRAP monkey head. And maybe we get some answers to Jimmy’s last appearance, claiming to be training in Thailand for their title show at BaseBrawl.

And finally, on February 19, we get to talk to Tanoai Reed, “Toa” of NBC’s American Gladiators. It’s not directly wrestling related, but we have been fans of this show in it’s early 90’s version, and the new iteration, and are pleased to have a chance to talk to one of the Gladiators themselves. You can check out Toa’s site at

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