Basic Sorganomics: Tweet Jukebox

Basic Sorganomics

In reviewing videos from Podcamp Pittsburgh, I was introduced to Tweet Jukebox.  How am I using it to automate my Twitter, and what are the dangers of doing this?

Find an extended look at Tweet Jukebox from Sharon Marrell at Podcamp Pittsburgh X!

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2 thoughts on “Basic Sorganomics: Tweet Jukebox

  1. Mike – I watched Sharon Marrell’s presentation on TweetJukebox at Podcamp Pittsburgh and have trying it out for about a week. Your take and tips on it also were quite valuable. Thanks.
    Frank Brill
    P.S. We met at Podcamp. I think my nametag there was ‘EnviroPolitics’ which is a newsletter, blog and podcast that I do.

  2. I’m glad it helped! I think I recall you from Podcamp and in my Periscope recently too!

    I just did one today that sort of quickly showing how I’m using the combo of this, Hootsuite, and Tweetdeck in my day to day for myself and clients as well.

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