B.T.: A World Before Twitter

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I was asked a pretty good question at the Alphalab Coffee Club by a young chemical engineer a see were talking about both his and my businesses and how we reach out on Twitter.

What did you do before Twitter?

A picture of Sorg and Doug of Should I Drink That supposedly before Twitter.Well, initially, I didn’t really exist as Sorgatron Media before Twitter.  That threw me a little.

We talked about how we use these platforms to reach out and share with other like minded people.  As a company or Podcast, it’s about gaining that 1 fan at a time.  But it also becomes reinforced by being at events like Coffee Club, or other social events in your space of interest.  For me that’s Podcamps, Blogfests, Tech Nights, and the like. Not anywhere I go to in a mindset of seeking business but as genuine communities I want to be a part of in interest.  That is where the magic of connecting those names and icons you see in a feed from day to day to a face.  And that is really important on this level.

So what would I be doing before Twitter?  I don’t think there is a world for what I do on this level with out the build of Twitter, Youtube, and cheaper access to video production and distribution online.  My methods count on the idea that it’s easy for you to see the video and podcasting work that I do.

In a world before this, I would be distributing demo reel DVDs, still attending events, but wouldn’t be as efficient in my efforts as today. I talked this week bout your video and web site reinforcing your product and service.  That’s what social media does here.  There is the chance for context if you’ve already been taking online before meeting face to face.  Then you can get to the meat of the conversations!

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Image from an early Podcamp I believe was “Before Twitter”

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