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I got back on the wagon this week on one of my many, many ventures, the WPAJ Interview, when I had a chance to talk to J.East from right around here in Beaver County.

So why did I go into this extra podcasts on my plate? Of course it started when I was litterally handed an opportunity to interview some Suburban Noize artists (with no help from Doc, no prodding by me. Let’s say it made me feel special) I really didn’t think I was interviewer material, but what the hell. If it bombed, I didn’t have to post it. After Potluck, Dogboy, and a couple Kottonmouth Kings, I was in the flow, on top of some interviews I’ve done in a group setting on the Mayhem Show with wrestlers. It sort of ended up weekly via the schedules. And it seemed like a good idea. Finding talent was going to be a problem. So why not tap the underground and local scenes? I’ve always had an interest in promoting the unsigned long before my own foray into getting on stage. It was the perfect setup. Bring the downloads in with the big names, and squeeze in as many of the smaller artists as I could to help give them a fan boost, get them in people’s ears, on itunes, and who knows how many directories.

And I genuinely enjoy talking with others in similar, or more advanced stages, of this music biz. I do have a sort of stock questions for the smaller artists, geared at getting to know them for the audience, or even still for myself. But many of my questions are genuine, as I’m still learning myself (and recognize I have a long way to go). I’ve sat in and listened to a few interviews Doc’s done, and being an artist and producer in his own right helps the interviews come off smoother it seems, and there’s a connection there. I’m still trying to get my groove, of sorts, but it’s coming.

So here I go, rebooting, of sorts, with hopefully a straight set of local artists. I’m still hearing the waves made by the DaButtonPusha interview a couple months back, and the Marz interview where he called Violent J a straight bitch. Who knows what is going to unfold over the next few months…

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