A Night at Accept No Limitations.

Back in from a great night of wrestling, as usual, at my monthly visit to Elizabeth, PA for IWC wrestling.

Tonight, I was amazed by the names brought in by Norm Conners. We had a lot of Super Indy tournament qualifiers, and saw the likes of Matt Cross (mdogg20 of JCW/Backyard Wrestling fame), Human Tornado (of MTV’s defunct WSX), who competed in an amazing match. Jerry Lynn, former ECW, WWE Light Heavyweight, and TNA X Division champion, battled Johnny Gargano in a match that may have made him as an up and coming singles competitor in IWC. And of course, Raven and Sandman combined to fight (recent Mayhem interviewee) Daivari with Dennis Gregory. That on top of some amazing build up matches with the Gambino family looking like an NWO-type faction, and J-Rocc bringing in a new monster to fight Ray Rowe. And, of course, a fantastic draw match between tag champs Jason Gory and Shiima Xion.

But the interesting part was getting in touch with our fans tonight. I was approached by a couple people about the recent Wrestling Mayhem Show episodes, including a wrestler (not IWC) that has been listening for a few weeks now. Got a picture with another fan, because Jimmy Demarco said to get my autograph this week.

But anyways, a great show. Talked show interviews with a few wrestlers. Got some new pics for the Myspace. And all around just had a dandy time.

Next wrestling experience looks like the Devil Budakahn Memorial Show March 8. It will be a great showcase for ALL of the local area indy talent and a great cause to help the family of a fallen worker.

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