A Look Back at 2015 at Sorgatron Media

Working Toonseum with Dan Greenwald of Comic Book Pitt

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for December 18, 2015.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive!

This year, we made some big moves at Sorgatron Media.

Incorporated – Earlier this year, we took steps to become officially LLC.

The Split – We had identified that our message was getting a little muddied.   Sorgatron Media, LLC seemed to mostly be about our Podcasts and the Pro Wrestling production.  And even talking to the pro wrestling fans seemed like an odd mix when we were sharing some of our client podcasts around healthcare and other subject matter.  This led to the launch of IndyWrestling.us in August, which already is making an impact.  We also have soft launched and the organization behind Sidekick Media Services, which aims to be our front end to target businesses needing video and social media services.  Leaving Sorgatron Media (still the core business umbrella) to still be the name of productions, my “passion Podcasts” and other experiments like Sawtooth Willie.

Working Toonseum with Dan Greenwald of Comic Book PittWe experimented – I had started taking more meetings and lunches again after a little bit of hibernation with the goal of finding new opportunities and collaborations.  This, again, led to Sawtooth Willie, some fun videos lampooning social media, and a few pretty cool projects for clients. If you’re not reaching out and surrounding yourself by creative people, you’re missing out on something wonderful happening.

Give something up – Mostly control. This year, I stepped back and realized I don’t have to do everything.  That includes certain aspects of business operation.  Touching every part of every Podcast that comes across the network.  Or maybe just letting a project die off that isn’t working.  Part of IndyWrestling.us’s success has been from Matt Carlins amazing Around the Indies column and Chachi’s promo videos we’ve been sharing. The focus on the business side from Missy and Katie’s help to reign things in for us.

The year was about reassessing what we do around here, having a reason for the projects we take on, and figuring out how we’re going to grow.  Thank you so much to everyone who’s stepped up around our shows and projects in 2015.  We have some great plans and ideas for 2016!

*Picture courtesy Dan Greenwald of the Comic Book Pitt Podcast.  Go listen to it!

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