A Farewell to Mad Mike. But Not Really

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the people I work with on my shows lately.  Especially as some of them find new roles thanks to their lives and I’m starting to look at ways the shows function.  One of the people I’m assessing is Mad Mike.  Mike joined us after emailing the show for a while, and through the magic of Skype, has for the last several years.  He’s put a lot of energy in this shared dream of talking wrestling on a Tuesday night in front of a few hundred people online.

Here is a small talk with Mike after this week’s show.  Please bare with the audio as it didn’t pick up as well as I’d liked.  Headphones maybe?

And don’t forget his own recorded send off (and song)
It’s a powerful thing that what we’ve been doing means this much.  It’s just a few guys (sometimes girls) talking about pro wrestling every week.  But as I spoke about over the weekend at Podcamp Pittsburgh, this is the thing that makes it matter and makes you keep doing it for 5+ years.  Thankfully, through that same technology that brought Mad Mike to our show from the Bronx, NY, we’re going to figure out a way to get Mike on the show in some pre-taped capacity. 

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