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24/7 Stream on

24/7 Stream on

Posted as part of my new “Creators Newsletter” Email I kicked off last week.  If you are creating content and playing with Social Media online, sign up here!


Here is a quick glimpse at what I threw together for a 24/7 live stream.  Using Wirecast, Desktop Presenter (a Wirecast-related program) and iTunes.

Wirecast handles the handoff from video to  If I had the horsepower, I can multicast this to Ustream, Youtube (if activated on your account for live streaming) and other providers as well, widening my spread.


Wirecast and iTunes for 24/7 streamon

I also added a “prerecorded” title over the video so people don’t think we’re really live and try to interact with us.  (we promote the Tuesday live in the shows themselves).

In iTunes, I setup a playlist of the week’s content and set it to loop.  Set the view for video to a separate window and make Desktop Presenter show that video window for a clean looking stream.  ach video resets the position of the video window. Some are 720, 1080, or even SD depending on the project. So I had to move it to the left corner so it doesn’t shoot half the video off screen. Desktop Presenter simply compensates and processes whatever size that is.

Our first few days of testing on one 2007 era iMac running a 2 Ghz Core 2 Due CPU, it ran well enough, but a little low on the frame rate.   After changing up to moving the iTunes and Desktop Presenter to what I think is a 2006 White iMac, it’s been smoother, but not perfect.   If you have a pretty hefty computer, this is something you can do with ease on one machine as I attempted at first, but then you’re dedicating a more expensive piece of hardware to a 24/7 process.  May be a hard pill to swallow.

We’ve had a crazy amount of viewers on the live stream, from 30-150 at a time.  There were over 300 separate viewers from my first test.  I’m hoping this is something to allow more people to stumble upon our shows since we’re getting a reaction already on the platform.  My channel views have grown by thousands since I started this a week ago.  All of this while the stream is still not quite as smooth as I would like it.

Want to see how this is doing?  Check out the feed at

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Discovering Pittsburgh: Six Things I Experienced This Summer Working

Discovering Pittsburgh: Six Things I Experienced This Summer Working

More or less, I’ve lived in and around Pittsburgh for a good 10 years, getting our first apartment in Mt. Lebanon in late 2003. I came to this town because I always loved what I saw visiting my Grandparents in Moon, and what they showed me of the city. It stuck.

But with everything going on with attempting at having a career, maybe I spent one too many nights coming home and watching cartoons instead of getting out doors.

Only recently during my recent stint with shooting Unsung, and other various projects, have I been thrust into my town. We’ve had to get creative on where we shoot around town, and where we need to go to cover what’s going on. There’s so much I haven’t seen around here in my own backyard.  On the release of Unsung episode 10 this week, I thought it was time to look back.

So what have I learned?

1. Bike! I’ve heard so much from my compatriot on the AwesomeCast Rob that biking is the **** and this is a good place to do it. I’ve seen so many show up to the Cafe and to events on bikes, or walk in with their bike seat. I’ve always been weary since I always thought I’d have to coinhabit roads with cars, and people that don’t seem to follow the bike rules. But there are so many trails that maybe that’s not an issue. The old bikes are acquired and I’m ready to get them restored to get out there!

2. Use the Rivers. They’re not just cool to look at, or a reason for bridges, or for jumping into once a year when the year turns. I don’t need to buy a boat (but who wouldn’t want to buy a boat. Or a monkey. But I digress). Kayak Pittsburgh seems to be the thing to do. Missy’s already been on an outing with her work, and I’m thinking about doing the same.

3. Stay away, Duckie’s. I don’t like them. They offensively quack at you and ruin shoots downtown for me. I bet they’re ruining scenes from Dark Knight Rises right now! But if I wasn’t so personally offended by them, the concept of a land and aquatic tour of the city sounds fantastic. I’ve been on a “duck” a long time ago in a region I can’t recall, but remember it being a lot of fun. And not ruining any videographer’s day….

4. Climb. Not physically. But I’m sure that’s fun too. Get up there and look at the city at a different level. Get some perspective. I’ve been fortunate enough to “climb” several of the buildings downtown for interview meetings and clients, and find myself peaking over the shoulder of who I’m speaking with to scope out the view. I’m sure I’ve been caught, but I can’t help it! I often go to Mt. Washington, often have, when I think I need a minute in my life to take it all in.

5. Have someone to experience it with.  I’ve been so fortunate to be able to discover all of this with my best friend.  We get to get out of our dark geek caves at home and the bright (oh so very bright to our computer screen experienced eyes) outdoors of this town.

6. People are not phased by cameras.  Not like they should.  Like when they’re shouting at someone from right beside out camera in PPG Plaza.  Nope.  No problem.  Maybe it’s a city thing.  The funny one was on a dock on the Allegheny when I heard the classic iPhone camera noise taking a picture of our shoot.


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