Wrestling Mayhem Show 197: Anyone have a D battery?

One of my favorite episodes, by far.  Jimmy Demarco, Norm Connors, and a clip from our interview with Mikey and Big Bob at Stuff a Bus.  From WrestlingMayhemShow.com. This week, we are joined by “Deeeelicious” Jimmy Demarco in the studio!  Acusations are thrown.  wrestlefan gets an impromtu sex ed on what can be performed with […]

Wrestling Mayhem Show 177: Jimmy Nipples

Jimmy Demarco and Chest Flexor join the Mayhem Studios.  *ahem* Chachi Studios to talk about IWC No Excuses 5, PWO, AIW, and a little about life. This is Episode 176 for Tuesday, July 21, 2009. You can get the episode here on Talkshoe, subscribe, and as always, stay tuned to www.wrestlingmayhemshow.com for the latest! The […]

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