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#podcastday : Using Google Hangouts to bring more people into the conversation

#podcastday : Using Google Hangouts to bring more people into the conversation

This week, AJ joined us from a car for the show.  Really didn’t know it at the time.  We discuss the new format we’re attempting to use Google Hangout to bring a bigger roundtable discussion to the Wrestling Mayhem Show and how I’m working it into my current Wirecast setup, and hope to get more efficient at it…



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24/7 Stream on

24/7 Stream on

Posted as part of my new “Creators Newsletter” Email I kicked off last week.  If you are creating content and playing with Social Media online, sign up here!


Here is a quick glimpse at what I threw together for a 24/7 live stream.  Using Wirecast, Desktop Presenter (a Wirecast-related program) and iTunes.

Wirecast handles the handoff from video to  If I had the horsepower, I can multicast this to Ustream, Youtube (if activated on your account for live streaming) and other providers as well, widening my spread.


Wirecast and iTunes for 24/7 streamon

I also added a “prerecorded” title over the video so people don’t think we’re really live and try to interact with us.  (we promote the Tuesday live in the shows themselves).

In iTunes, I setup a playlist of the week’s content and set it to loop.  Set the view for video to a separate window and make Desktop Presenter show that video window for a clean looking stream.  ach video resets the position of the video window. Some are 720, 1080, or even SD depending on the project. So I had to move it to the left corner so it doesn’t shoot half the video off screen. Desktop Presenter simply compensates and processes whatever size that is.

Our first few days of testing on one 2007 era iMac running a 2 Ghz Core 2 Due CPU, it ran well enough, but a little low on the frame rate.   After changing up to moving the iTunes and Desktop Presenter to what I think is a 2006 White iMac, it’s been smoother, but not perfect.   If you have a pretty hefty computer, this is something you can do with ease on one machine as I attempted at first, but then you’re dedicating a more expensive piece of hardware to a 24/7 process.  May be a hard pill to swallow.

We’ve had a crazy amount of viewers on the live stream, from 30-150 at a time.  There were over 300 separate viewers from my first test.  I’m hoping this is something to allow more people to stumble upon our shows since we’re getting a reaction already on the platform.  My channel views have grown by thousands since I started this a week ago.  All of this while the stream is still not quite as smooth as I would like it.

Want to see how this is doing?  Check out the feed at

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iCloud Changed Things

iCloud Changed Things

I’ve been one that had trouble moving on from the old physical media metaphor. I bought CDs well past their prime. I felt sketchy at first about buying Virtual Console and Xbox Arcade games without a disc. Something needs to be transferred, physically, into my possession.

The first thing that caught my eye was Steam, though. Not iCloud. I was dumped into it, like most, with it being required when you bought the Orange Box, a super pack that included Half Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal. Eventually, I find myself re-buying old games like Quake and Unreal Tournament! I’m a gamer that always wants to revisit the classics, but you pull that old Unreal first release disc, then you have to find the update from the site that’s been sold to a new publisher three times over before it’s close to compatible with the current OS, if at all. Not to mention some games not fairing so well, like my sadly cracked Future Cop disc, or the long time missing Duke Nukem 3D (still have the case. Empty. Re-bought it on Xbox Live!) Having that access online, I can easily mark the games I want on a new system and have it in a relatively short time! I have a completely non-physical and complete library of the games I’ve bought, from a certain era on, wherever I log in.

This was something that worried me on my iPhone. I’ve loved the games, but the lucidness of the apps made me weary of buying anything more than a few bucks, even the 9.99 of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars took a good bit of consideration. When iCloud launched for purchases just months ago, I saw my entire library. No longer do I have to worry if something happens to my old iMac I sync to that holds all of my apps. They’re in the cloud. Even apps I’ve downloaded (or purchased) that have been pulled by the publisher for a different version(Orb), violation (iDOS) or copyright (Tris). Nice of Apple to bring this back. It takes the onus off of the consumers, who by and large are irresponsible with their software (how many people have lost their system discs to their computers. Honestly think they backup their music purchases?)

Of course, all of this depends on Steam and Apple keeping everything available to you, in perpetuity.

Do you feel safer buying a piece of “the cloud”?

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WMS: Get Your Mayhem Video Your Way

WMS: Get Your Mayhem Video Your Way

Some exciting stuff coming out of Wrestling Mayhem Show (and an unamed future project) I want to share…

For our four years since starting the Wrestling Mayhem Show 4 years ago, we have always experimented with the live experience, and the best way to deliver our audio show via Talkshoe and iTunes, as well as our live experience on BlogTV and Ustream. Lately, we’ve started to endeavor to deliver the show in plenty more ways, including video. Thanks to the industrious folks at, we have been working with their system to discover how to get a video feed to our listeners, and new viewers, alike.

One of the biggest stories is that the Wrestling Mayhem Show has been accepted to be seen on both Roku and Boxee! For those not familiar, both services are looking to offer set top boxes for your television sets where you can watch Netflix streaming, Revision3, This Week in Tech, and now…the Wrestling Mayhem Show. Those without these boxes (Boxee is set to release this year), can also download the Boxee client for their PC, Mac, or Linux, for personal use, or for your Media Center setup.

You can also now see the new video episodes on Sorgatron’s personal YouTube page. We are working on getting a dedicated channel for WMS, but we are using this for now due to the access to large, long files it has. Subscribe to this channel for all things Sorgatron!

You can also see our show on, and now, iTunes. We announced these last week, but due to some technical limitations, we had to delay the true roll out. Finally, the process has been worked out and you can subscribe to our video feed for all of the video freshness! We will continue to deliver all of the Should I Wrestle That and other WMS content to this feed as well, and maybe in the future, exclusive video content.

Notice: Currently, all of the video we are posting is the Ustream capture of our live broadcast, but in the coming weeks, we plan to move to a local recording system that will give us much more control and much better quality and size control for you iTunes downloaders for now.

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