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Review: “Thank You Economy”

Review: “Thank You Economy”

Over a year ago, I had the chance to real Crush It in audiobook form.  You could say this was one of a few books that inspired me to make some leaps in my life.  I took to the book as something of a cheerleader.  I’ve listened to the book about three times now as a reminder to just why I’m doing the things I am when things get a little tough to swallow and you need a little more faith.

I didn’t expect much of the same from the “Thank You Economy”.  While “Crush It” is what I call an “independent’s pep talk”, this book is “the book of facts to convince people social media is important”.  We get to hear Gary’s thoughts on how the one to one relationships were so important some 80 years ago, disappeared, then are coming back in the form or social media.

For me, this book supports and gives me even more samples and thoughts to flesh out my pitches of social media being a new level of transparency that a company should work to meet.  Samples are given from Gary’s own company, restaurants, and even some samples and thoughts from the medical field, which is another nut I’m trying to crack.

As with the last book, I held out for the audiobook.  Vaynerchuck brings so much more to his reading.  You know what points he intends to emphasize by the passion, and repeatedly taking himself “off script” to bring some additional personal thoughts and updated information since he wrote these words.   It’s a tremendous value add. I picked this up for a long six hour round trip to the middle of Pennsylvania, and the time passed with ease.  As I listened through, I had a whole list of potential initiatives for our own Cafe and my own freelancing business.  It got the juices flowing to kill the time like nothing, and will likely fall into a similar reread cycle like Crush It and Rework have recently.

You can currently get this audiobook FREE with Audible via our affiliate link at, no risk to you.  

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Sorg Learns to “Crush It”

Sorg Learns to “Crush It”

While, I’m not particularly a wine connoisseur, I’ve loved everything else that I’ve heard from Gary Vaynerchuk .  I’ve loved every appearance by him, whether it be on This Week in Startups, or his random videos on his own website.  So when I heard he was putting out a book on the things he’s learned, I know one thing…there better be an audiobook.

And there wise, finally after a while.  I had a chance to listen through the book over the last few days, and first of all, that’s a record for me.  For the first time, I’ve wanted to put aside all of my regular podcasts to listen to this one, instead.  I’ve read some dryly read, yet informative audiobooks since I’ve been introduced months ago, but like Total Money Makeover, this one is read by a passionate author, who, thankfully, has some on microphone experience.  This one was a bit like the “DVD Extra” of audiobooks.  Periodically, Gary would stop his reading to add a little something to clarify what he wrote, or how things have already changed in the past months since he turned this one in.

In this book, Gary goes over how you find something important to you that you can let everyone know about.  Building yourself as a brand, and using the social media tools out there.  More than a methodology and technique this book was more of a pep talk to get the hell out of your job you’re not happy with, and give a go at what you love to do.  His philosophy seems to sum up as, if you love doing it, you’ll put the ridiculous effort into building your brand and community to be as successful as it can be.  We’re taken down the paths of how to use the typical Twitter, WordPress, or Facebook, which many may already be familiar with, but it’s always interesting to see someone else’s take on these technologies and how you can build in a way you didn’t originally think of.  Gary splashes the book with examples of people having the potential to talk about the most mundane of interests and illustrating how there’s an audience for it that can be tapped.

Now, next on my read list happens to be Rework by the folks at 37Signals on their take of business building and thinking.  Some of the striking statements in just the ads and interviews include “fire the workaholics” and “Don’t not get sleep”.  This feels, at first, to fly in the face of Gary’s take on this.  So it will be interesting to see where the two may cross paths.  At this point, both seem like good candidates for relistening to from time to time just to simply motivate myself in my personal development.  I’ve been listening about the same time a a coworker, and turned to say “I want to go crush something right now”.  Say hello to Gary Vaynerchuk.  Your social media cheerleader.

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