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Basic Sorganomics

Basic Sorganomics: Chachi Plays for Kids

Basic SorganomicsTaking a look back at Chachi Plays for Kids 2015!  Find more videos and donate while you still can at www.chachiplays.com!

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Sorg stuck playing Street Fighter: The Movie: The Video Game thanks to the Internet.

Good Morning: Extra Life

Sorg stuck playing Street Fighter: The Movie: The Video Game thanks to the Internet.

This past weekend, I played video games for 24 hours in the studio with my friends from InsertCointoBegin.com!  It was the first time I participated on the gaming side for one of these, despite streaming Chachi Plays for 4 years!

Check out more about Extra Life, including recaps at www.InsertCointoBegin.com and you can STILL donate to our page on Extra Life for St Vincent’s Children’s in Erie, PA!

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Games For Charity. Again.

dozing off in a 25 hour gameathonA huge congratulations to the team at InsertCointoBegin.com!  Over the weekend, they teamed up with Extra Life to raise well over $1100 for Children’s Miracle Network.

This has been one of the cool things with the projects I’ve been involved with.  ICTB was a brain storm by Chachi to do a video game site that we have been working to get some traction.   It’s been great to see this crew come together for two years now for this program, and with other projects and articles.

While the crew doesn’t have access to a modest studio like I do for my podcasting and streaming needs, the guys did incorporate something we’ve used a bit for our shows and over on Wrestling Mayhem Show, Google Hangouts.   It was nice to check out the stream to see how they were doing in the early hours, and when I returned from my day’s event shoot at 3 AM the next morning.   We use streams (in our case via Wirecast and Justin.tv) for Chachi Plays for Kids and it’s a great way for us to get the “telethon” style to the event and try to drum up more donations.

At least Bobby on the crew also used a little bit of Twitch.tv, a video game streaming service, to get some of his actual gaming out there on a different platform.

If you want to look back at the stream from the gameathon, check it out on their post, and it’s not too late to donate!

Chachi Played. Again.

Another year, another Chachi Plays!  I’m hoping that’s what I get to say for a few years now.

Last weekend, my bud Chachi sat for another 24 hours playing video games for a good cause at the Toonseum.


Chachi Plays for KidsOnce again, the power of social media was compelling.  I had said in front of City Counsel when Chachi received a proclamation for the first year’s Chachi Plays that this was a testament to what can be done with it.  This year, we collectively raised $10,000 in the course of Chachi Plays for programs for kids since it’s inception.

Throughout the year, Chachi is continually among the most active person I see on Twitter.  People know who he is, for better and worse. Whether he realizes it or not, he’s building a brand for himself and the equity that goes along with it.  The best part is, that’s him.  It’s not a calculated or planned.  Chachi plays in public  And come January and February, he harnesses that good will for this.  And it’s amazing.

The other thing that I enjoy was seeing everyone just enjoy being around games.  An obscene amount of games.  The expansion of tournaments, organized by Chris, were a huge success, and largely competitive.  It brought people in and out throughout the 24 hours, helping to keep things lively, especially in that home stretch through Saturday afternoon.