Funtime Review: X-Pistols “Shoot to Kill”

Posted recently for my Music Funtime Show site.

I was passed a copy of the new X-Pistols album, thinking, “oh great.  Yet another rap/rock mashup album”  After listening for a bit, I realized “That’s right1  I love rap/rock mashup albums!”

The way Suburban Noize crunches out these alternative albums and main group albums at such an incredible pace, I’ve been consistently amazed at the consistency in quality.  X-Pistols has that fast paced feel that makes me feel like no time has passed before the album’s done.  (It does clock in at 52 minutes with 18 tracks, though).  For Kottonmouth Kings fans, it really feels that if you stripped all of the hip hop influence out of their albums, you’d have X-Pistols.

I wasn’t very aware of the punk legends D.I. when they were signed to Suburban Noize last year, but if this is the sort of mash up craziness we’re going to get from new signees, I’m happy to have them.  It makes me wonder what more we could see in the future with mashup groups including groups like hed pe, who I’ve been a fan of for ages.

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