I have been a student of all things media and internet for over 10 years since I first dialed in to the internet.  From my first Tripod site to building internet communities bringing hundreds of people to an event; from my first  high school media class parody video to editing viable safety training multimedia video products and filming ringside at professional wrestling events; I love to expand my world and the ways I communicate with people.

In 2011, I’ve moved from a day job lackey to freelance uncertainty (and excitement!)  I do most of this work under the banner of my Sorgatron Media site, where I’m building a Podcast network, and do videos for companies and non-profits in the pittsburgh area.

Want to meet with me? I’m using Doodle to schedule meetings.  Just drop by my Doodle page (doodle.com/mikesorg), hit me with what you want to talk about, suggest times, and we’re good!  It’s something new I’m trying to make things just little bit easier.

My Resume
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Speaking Engagements 

Podcamp Pittsburgh 2006 – 2010
Bootcamp Pittsburgh 2007
Con on the Cob 2008

Media Where I’ve Been Interviewed or Featured

Podcamp Pittsburgh Media Winner (listed as “Wrestling Mayhem Show”)
Trib PM:Appeasing the Pods
City Paper:Juggalos R Us
Blender Magazine
KDKA Radio
The Awful Show


Kottonmouth Kings (Richter & Daddy X)
Daddy Long Legs (Wolfpac/Bloodhound Gang)
Jered of (hed) pe
Toa and Zen of NBC’s American Gladiators
G-Child from VH1’s White Rapper
Shawn Daivari (WWE, TNA)
Superfly Jimmy Snuka (WWE Hall of Famer)
Brent Albright (WWE, ROH, NWA)

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