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Michael Sorg

Michael Sorg

Helping people tell their story.Podcasting guru that's hard at work building a little empire in my corner of the 'net with Sorgatron Media. Videographer that loves shooting for regional professional wrestling outfits, high school football, web series and documentaries.Video editor that's worked on safety training, promotional materials, and web content for over a decade.Social Media worker that's helping local companies get their message and vibe out there.


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Welcome to the Free Music Funtime Show! This show is to showcase some of our favorites in free, underground, and alternative music sources on the internet! Every week, new music, free downloads, and no repeats!

Sorgatron has been promoting his favorite local and underground music for years. First with the projects under, then nine years running During this time, he’s worked to help promote artists, interviewed some great talents, and even had a rap duo named CRAP that performed shows all over Western PA and Ohio for several years, culminating in the release of “It Doesn’t Matter” in 2007.

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